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ReFa Caxa M1

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A compact facial roller and smoothing device designed to massage and comfortable knead for firmer, contoured skin.


  • Smoothing. Precisely curved Seagull Line end grips and lifts skin as it smooths and lifts skin on cheeks.
  • Firming. Two pairs of Double Drainage rollers cover wide surface to knead, smooth, and contour skin.

The specially designed massage curve and four rollers allow you to gently lift, smooth, and knead skin for a smooth, contoured finish.

The ReFA CAXA M1’s unique design was precisely engineered to replicate the facial techniques of professional estheticians. Its dual motion offers easy, effective care providing the perfect foundation for beautiful facial contouring. On one end, the Seagull Line curve firmly grips the angles of the cheekbones to visibly lift and smooth. On the other side, two pairs of Double Drainage rollers provide articulated manipulation and kneading to visibly contour cheeks and face. The compact, portable design fits easily in your hand and conveniently slips into your bag for on-the-go use anywhere, anytime.

ABS brass, POM, Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber, Chromium
First, use the Seagull CAXA line to scoop the skin along your chin, cheeks and forehead. Then use the four miniature rollers to knead your neckline and jawline on both sides of your face. Pair with our ReFa FACE-UP CREAM or your favorite facial moisturizer for enhanced product absorption and an even deeper massage.

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