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International Shipping

b-glowing ships worldwide!
International shipping costs will automatically be calculated based on the weight of your order. We ship via both USPS and UPS internationally. Unfortunately we are not legally allowed to ship any hazmat (hazardous materials) internationally. This includes perfume with alcohol, nail polishes and aerosol hair spray. You will not be able to include these items in your shopping cart when shipping internationally. You will be alerted by the shopping cart should you attempt to purchase a product that qualifies as hazmat. The customer is also responsible for any additional local taxes or fees levied upon delivery, by their local jurisdiction, for purchasing items outside their country.
Please know that delivery times are estimates and can vary, due to time in customs, up to 30 days in rare instances. 
At this time, b-glowing does not ship to Spain nor to any country sanctioned by the US.


In addition to our standard international delivery, b-glowing can connect you with Freight Forwarders for international shipments: (East Coast - Florida), (East Coast - Delaware), (West Coast - Oregon) and Shopmate (for shipping to Australia).
International Shipping with
With, you will be assigned a U.S.-based address where your package will be processed for shipping straight to your home country. uses trusted delivery services like FedEx, UPS and DHL to ensure you receive your merchandise in the shortest amount of time.

To get started:
1. Sign up with and get your MyUS address to use at checkout
2. Shop online at US stores, and have your packages sent to your MyUS address.
3. Your shipments will arrive at your door in 2-4 business days
If you are ordering multiple items, be sure to select the "Premium Membership" for greatest savings!
Sign up for International Shipping with MyUS
International Shipping with
With, you are assigned a US address in tax-free Delaware! They will process your package for the speediest shipping to your home country. 

International Shipping with
Get your West Coast US address in tax-free Oregon! You get an address in both the US and in Japan. offers membership plans staring at $0 per month. Pay only when you ship. OPAS' expert repackaging team will hand-pack your purchased products; each shipment receives individual attention. has teamed up with US Unlocked Card to also offer matching shipping and billing addresses. Register Now!
International Shipping with
ShopMate is making it easier and more cost effective to ship from the US to Australia.
ShopMate benefits include no subscription or monthly fees, competitive pricing, free customs and duty document preparation, and an easy to use customer account management site.
Shop like you live in the US with ShopMate.