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Vera Mona

Sometimes, the best ideas are born out of pure frustration. Case and point: Vera Mona's Color Switch Line of products. The idea for this unique product came when creator Letty Cabrera-Calvo was sitting on her couch, trying to do her makeup. Halfway through, she became totally frustrated with using multiple brushes, fumbling to find something to wipe them on. That's when it hit her—if there wasn't a product which allowed her to quickly change the color on her brush, she would have to create it. And thus, Color Switch was born.

Today, Vera Mona is taking the beauty world by storm, developing a cult following and a reputation as true must-have product.  We can see why, too! Once you try Color Switch, you'll wonder how you lived without it. So, what are you waiting for? Shop the line!

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