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Shiva Rose

b-glowing is proud to be an authorized retailer of natural skincare brand Shiva Rose.

Actress-turned-blogger Shiva Rose pretty much embodies our ideal of a gorgeous, healthy lifestyle. She lives environmentally responsible, exercises holistic practices, and manages to always (seriously, always) radiate beauty from the inside out. Luckily for us, Shiva is passionate about sharing her beauty secrets with the rest of the world. Enter Shiva Rose—her bespoke, 100% natural line of skincare.

Made in small batches and infused with Shiva’s bountiful knowledge of balms and oils, each efficacious product is created from the freshest, all-natural ingredients. What’s more, it’s beautifully packaged and deliciously scented. Shiva Rose brings beauty and radiance to women in a way that’s nourishing, nurturing, and filled with love.

Interested in trying Shiva Rose? Start with the ultra-nourishing Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm. And give skin a polished glow with Shiva Rose Sea Siren Body Scrub

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