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Root Vanish By Kazumi

We love a full grey hair look. And it takes all kinds. So, if you’re rocking another color and your grey is gaining on you, it’s Root Vanish to the rescue. Infused with 22 botanicals including Ginseng to make hair stronger and Seaweed extract to hydrate, pick your flavor of ROOT VANISH - Dark Brown, ROOT VANISH - Blonde, ROOT VANISH - Light Brown and get to a salon when it works for you. Root Vanish doesn’t smudge or flake off, and the brush is nice and thick, not like a miniscule mascara wand.

Created by Kazumi Morton, labeled “the brunette master” by Allure magazine. She’s currently doing bi-coastal Master Colorist work at celebrity packed salon Jonathan and George Salon in Beverly Hills and John Frida in NYC. Kazumi collaborated with dermatology and hair care experts at KIWABI’s laboratory in Japan to select the best and newest ingredient technologies. 

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