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Roloxin Lift

This wrinkle-smoothing treatment is an alternative to facial peels, lasers, injections and surgery. We already know that women of all ages are dang amazing. And, if you’re choosing to exact a more youthful appearance, say, at a wedding or at your latest book signing, you’ll see results within minutes of application. "An Instagram filter for your face,”  Allure magazine recently named Roloxin Lift a "Beauty Breakthrough" product. Real-life results include: a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin texture, decreased pore size and reduced under eye puffiness.

After you apply the cream-to-powder formula to your face for 7 minutes and rinse it away, your skin will feel tight, like you're wearing an invisible clay mask. Vitamins A, C and E support collagen production for a brightening effect while soothing aloe vera extract diminishes dark circles. Apply a moisturizer or serum, and then normal makeup and sunscreens immediately following your Roloxin Lift treatment and get on with enjoying life!

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