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Recipe for Men

When it comes to creation stories, it's hard to top Recipe for Men's. This hard-working men's brand was founded in 2003 by three Swedish athletes: Olympic Ski Team member Jesper Ronnback, triathlete Mikael Snabb, and all-around outdoorsman Jesper Matsch. Spurred by the negative effects of the Swedish slopes—sun damage and wind damage, for staters—the three longtime friends banded together to create a high-intensity, researched-based skincare line. And so, Recipe for Men was born.

Today, the brand offers straight-to-the-point skincare for men who crave simple, effective products. Recipe for Men remains dedicated to research and superb quality, testing each new product extensively in focus groups prior to release. What's more, their entire product range is cruelty-free, oil-free and alcohol-free. From Exfoliators to Under Eye Patches, Recipe for Men provides everything an active, energetic—and sophisticated—gentleman could ever need.

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