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When we first met Marisa Arredondo—founder of PHACE BIOACTIVE—we couldn't help but notice her radiant, clear skin. Indeed, its hard to picture her with cystic acne, but that's exactly why she started PHACE BIOACTIVE. As a teenager, Marisa's complexion was plagued with severe acne, and—in her quest for blemish-free skin—tried just about everything to clear it up. She experimented with with soaps, scrubs, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, corticosteroid injections, and finally—Accutane. Her blemishes disappeared for a short time, only to resurface at age 22 in the form of adult acne. Frustrated, Marisa set out to create the perfect skincare system. 

After graduating Standford University, Marisa worked as an analyst on Wall Street for 12 years, researching and investing in drug and biotech companies. There, she learned all about skin biology, ingredient technology, and pH balance as it relates to anti-aging. After meticulously researching manufacturing practices, developing an extensive network of dermatologists and chemists to consult with, and getting a business degree from Harvard Business School, Marisa launched PHACE BIOACTIVE—the first ever line of pH-optimized skincare.

Today, PHACE BIOACTIVE offers extremely effective, anti-aging skincare formulated with both scientific and plant-based ingredients. Their mission is not only to offer powerful anti-aging skincare solutions, but to educate men and women about the most effective ways to care for their skin. Each problem-solving treatment is formulated to an optimal pH range to provide healthy, radiant skin and consistent results. 

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