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In 1950, Paul Berthomé created the very first Mustela product with one purpose in mind—to give mothers a way to keep their babies' skin healthy and soft. Since ordinary soap is harsh on a baby’s ultra-sensitive skin, Berthomé saw an opportunity to develop a gentle, soap-free product with both cleansing and moisturizing properties. And so, the first evercleansing lotion made exclusively for babies was born—a total revolution at the time!

Over 60 years later, Mustela continues to be an innovative force in skincare, harnessing the latest scientific breakthroughs to best meet the needs of new parents. With over 50 amazing products on the market, Mustela is trusted by maternity wards throughout France, and sells more than 10 million products worldwide. Safe, effective and increasingly natural, this French staple has been proudly handed down from mother to child for more than three generations.

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