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Marin Bee

The brand everyone in the office is buzzing (pun, sorry!) about? Marin Bee. 

Brand founder (and backyard beekeeper) Debra Tomaszewski first discovered honey’s skincare benefits while tending to her hives at home. After spending so much time touching and processing honey, she was shocked by how soft and supple her hands looked. Soon, Debra was cooking up skincare concoctions in her kitchen, combining freshly harvested honey with soothing, time-tested botanicals like oatmeal, aloe and olive oil. Blown away by the results of her simple recipes, Debra decided to share them with the world. Four years later, Marin Bee skincare was born.

Made from the very best Mother Nature—and the bees—have to offer, Marin Bee is simple, natural skincare that gets serious results. As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting Planet Bee—an organization dedicated to educating and empowering children to help bees. Now you see why we’re so sweet on this brand! 

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