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Whether you wear a little makeup or a lot, one thing is for certain—the removal process is never fun. For most of us, it involves at least two kinds of wipes, a cleanser, a toner, and some serious scrubbing. Enter the magical MakeUp Eraser.

Founded in 2012 by Daniel & Elexsis McCarthy, this innovative cleansing cloth is revolutionizing the way we get clean. It removes all types of makeup—from waterproof mascara to stay-all-day lipstick—without any hazardous chemicals or drying ingredients. All you need is a little warm water, and voilà! Even your most budge-proof, smudge-proof makeup vanishes. The best part? The MakeUp Eraser is durable, machine washable, and can be used—and reused—hundreds of times.

You can go ahead and ditch your makeup remover now ...

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