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Apothia Los Angeles

On a industry tour of LA, b-glowing’s Creative Director and Merchandising Manager walked past an ivy-covered building synonymous with amazing taste and an A-list cliente on Melrose Avenue. The APOTHIA Los Angeles scent Velvet Rope drifted out of the building, a scent that transported b-glowing’s Marketing Manager to her childhood. She knew b-glowing had to sell the APOTHIA fragrance collection, a line that evokes images of serenity and beauty with a modern sensibility.

APOTHIA Founder Ron Robinson, described by the LA Times as a “curator of cool (with a) nose for niche,” found inspiration for this collection from the fashion, vibrant culture and sunshine of LA. It makes perfect sense that the name of this line is a combination of the words “Apothecary” and “Utopia.”

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