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Why You Need A Mason Pearson Brush — No Matter Your Hair Type

I've gone from shampooing every other day to washing just twice weekly. In short, I’m a Mason Pearson convert, and I’m convinced that everyone—even those with curly-hair—should have one. Here’s why:

Updated February 15, 2018 by Erika Damboise

Why You Need A Mason Pearson Brush — No Matter Your Hair Type

Wanna know a secret? I never used to brush my hair. Like...ever. But before you write me off as a tangle-haired slob, I swear I had a good excuse: namely, brushing my naturally-wavy hair  resulted in a frizzy, fluffy mess. Everyone claimed that brushing had amazing hair-beautifying benefits, but I never experienced them. I thought hair brushes were best left to straight-haired folks (and Marcia Brady). That is, until I met my Mason Pearson.

Unlike other brushes, Mason Pearson doesn’t immediately destroy the natural texture of my wavy hair. Since my go-to version is a mixture of boar bristles and synthetic bristles, it helps detangle my fine waves while giving them a voluminous, high-gloss finish. Short-term benefits aside, brushing has improved my hair health over time, too. Every beauty-savvy babe worth her salt knows that shampooing = drying, and—since the Mason Pearson disperses natural oils evenly—it’s cut my hair washing in half. I've gone from shampooing every other day to washing just twice weekly. In short, I’m a Mason Pearson convert, and I’m convinced that everyone—even those with curly-hair—should have one. Here’s why:

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Brushing brings moisture to dry ends

When it comes to dry, thirsty locks, all the conditioner in the world can’t compete with your hair's natural oils. Daily brushing helps disperse oil evenly throughout hair, providing moisture, hydration, and lustrous shine. All that extra hydration leads to less frizz, fewer flyaways, and less need for styling products, too.

It promotes scalp health

It’s an oft-forgotten area, but a healthy scalp is the secret to gorgeous, healthy hair. Daily brushing removes dirt, buildup and excess oil from hair follicles, giving your scalp a deep, invigorating cleanse. Plus, every time you brush, it gently stimulates circulation, promoting healthy hair growth. Oh, and did I mention how nice the bristles feel? The soft tips offer a daily scalp massage, and who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Mason Pearson Mixture Bristle & Nylon Brush

Mason Pearson brushes are super gentle

Finally, a brush that's tender with your tangles! Both the nylon and boar bristle versions feel soft against the scalp, expertly detangling hair without pulling, yanking, or splitting ends.

There’s a version for absolutely everyone

Curly girls, rejoice! There are several models of Mason Pearson brushes, one to suit every hair type and length. Seriously. To find the right fit for you, follow this trusty guide:

Straight + fine: If you’ve got straight hair that’s fine-to-medium density, the Mason Pearson Boar Bristle is the brush for you. If you have VERY fine or thinning hair, choose the Sensitive Boar Bristle brush, which is made especially for people who are experiencing hair loss.

Wavy + medium-density hair: If you have medium-to-thick hair, or hair that’s wavy, you can't beat the Mason Pearson Mixed Bristle. Instead of creating frizz, it works with and not against your texture, helping you detangle and define your natural wave pattern.

Coarse, thick + curly hair: A lot of curly-haired gals don’t believe in brushing, but the Mason Pearson Detangler Nylon offers plenty of benefits for textured hair types. The bristles cut down on detangling time, and help distribute both the much-needed oils and products that curly girls hold dear.

Mason Pearson Rake Comb

Note: if you have super-tight curls, brushing will loosen your curl pattern. If you want to preserve your gorgeous natural texture, brush before you wash. For styling, I recommend skipping the brush and using a wide-tooth comb, like the Mason Pearson Rake Comb.

In conclusion, if you're looking for softer, shinier, more manageable locks, Mason Pearson is your new secret weapon. Who knew something as simple as brushing could do so much?

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