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The Best Vegan Makeup Tools

Synthetic makeup tools have come a long way in recent years! See the vegan-friendly makeup blenders and beauty brushes we’re adding to our beauty routine.

Updated June 28, 2021 by Amanda Dixon

The Best Vegan Makeup Tools

For decades, natural beauty brushes have been the standard for makeup application. But recently, science and technology have allowed synthetic brushes to go above and beyond the softness and results of natural brushes. Renowned beauty brands like Kjaer Weis, Beautyblender, and Anastasia Beverly Hills all offer synthetic, vegan makeup brushes that perform wonders.

The Benefits of Vegan Makeup Brushes

For sensitive skin types, natural makeup brushes can trigger allergies and irritation. Vegan makeup tools use hypoallergenic synthetic materials and fibers that won’t cause sniffles or watery eyes. Synthetic brush bristles aren’t as porous as natural bristles, making vegan brushes more resistant to dirt and bacteria. In fact, because vegan tools do not have natural pores—these brushes are much easier to clean, less likely to harbor bacteria, and don’t lose their shape as easily as natural brushes. Sold on synthetic? Keep reading for a few of our favorites.

Best for Every Day:

From foundation to contour and highlight—it’s possible to complete your entire face makeup routine using a single Beautyblender. And, instead of having multiple brushes to wash, you can simply use a solid or liquid sponge cleaner to rinse foundation, blush, and contour makeup away when you’re done.


Beautyblender creates a seamless finish on skin whether you’re looking to create a full-coverage or a more natural, sheer look. This handy, vegan blender can be used to apply liquid, cream, and powder makeup products. Use the pointed side to effortlessly spot conceal or to reach crevices like the inner corners of the eyes and the sides of the nose. The larger side works perfectly for blending blush and contouring makeup.

Best for Full-Coverage:
Kjaer Weis Blush-Foundation Brush

If full-coverage is more your style, then skip the blenders and reach for this vegan makeup brush. Brushes don’t absorb product as much as traditional beautyblenders, allowing you to create a more camouflaged look with less product. We love the Kjaer Weis Blush-Foundation Brush for creating a full-coverage finish. The ultra-dense, super soft bristles ensure an even application and can be used for liquid, cream, and powder formulas.

KJAER WEIS Blush - Foundation Brush

Pro Tip: While it’s not this brushes stated purpose, the Kjaer Weis Eye-Definition Brush is perfect for concealing small imperfections like dark patches or blemishes. The plush brush head allows you to effortlessly dab and blend to conceal unwanted marks and spots.

Best for Setting Powder:
IT Cosmetics Jumbo Heavenly Luxe Mega Powder Brush

If you have oily skin or are prone to shine, the last step in your makeup routine is probably setting powder. For a soft, even finish, reach for IT Cosmetics Jumbo Heavenly Luxe Mega Powder Brush. This oversized, plush brush is silky soft to the touch and the synthetic bristles provide seamless, airbrushed application without streaking. With over 100,000 vegan-friendly bristles and a soft rubber handle, this brush guarantees effortless, even application every time. Ready, set, glow!

Best for Eyebrows:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 7B – Dual-Ended Angled Brush

Nothing creates defined, natural looking hair-like strokes quite like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 7B – Dual-Ended Angled Brush. The firm, synthetic bristles are short in length, giving you unparallelled control when using the brush side, while the custom spoolie end blends for a soft, natural finish. It’s the ideal tool for creating precise, beautiful looking brows. And because this 2-in-1 tool is made with synthetic, vegan-friendly fibers, you can feel good about having it in your makeup bag.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 7B – Dual-Ended Angled Brush

Interested in finding more makeup solutions that are friendly for sensitive skin types? Check out our blog all about the .

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