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Sexual Health + Wellness Products To Add To Your Selfcare Routine Now

The next generation of wellness and intimate selfcare products is here and these products are made to suit the everyday needs of anyone seeking wellness.

Updated October 15, 2020 by Amanda Dixon

Sexual Health + Wellness Products To Add To Your Selfcare Routine Now

The next generation of wellness and intimate selfcare products is here—and, unlike the clinical creams and overtly-over-the-top vibrators of the past—these products are made to suit the everyday needs and desires of all individuals. Just like our beauty routines nourish the body and soul, so does our intimate care and sexual wellbeing. After all, true selfcare should nurture your whole self—inside and out. Read on for a few of our favorite health and wellness products created specifically for your unique, beautiful needs.

Rosebud Woman

For as long as we can remember, intimate wellness products have been primarily limited to lubricants intended for use with a partner or prescription strength treatments from an OBGYN. But what about everyday care? Rosebud Woman fills the gap, with effective intimate wellness products for one’s own benefit. The thoughtfully crafted collection uses the highest quality, natural plant based formulas perfect for use daily or when-needed. Each product targets specific needs or desires ranging from dryness, to arousal, and even menopause, perimenopause, pre and postnatal care. And they’re OBGYN-approved!

A fan-favorite, and all around best-seller, is the Rosebud Woman Honor Everyday Balm. The silky emollient balm is perfect for everyday use to moisturize, condition, and protect intimate skin. A calming combination of ginger, sunflower, and chamomile nourish, soften, and soothe skin while improving skin’s resiliency over time. The silky balm absorbs into skin, leaving only comfort and softness—no stickiness. This nourishing plant-based formula makes this balm the perfect go-to product for all stages of a life.

HUM Nutrition

If you’re skeptical about wellness supplements—you aren’t alone. With so many health supplements and vitamins on the market today, it can be hard to figure out which ones meet the best quality standards. Our favorite? Hands-down, HUM Nutrition. HUM's mission is simple: to be the best beauty nutrition brand in the world. Each supplement is formulated with clinically proven ingredients that are clean, natural, and triple-tested for potency and purity. HUM delivers a range of beneficial wellness supplements to help you feel your very best.

When it comes to supporting your more intimate care needs, look no further than HUM Nutrition Private Party. The once-daily, vegan supplement uses a unique combination of carefully selected probiotic strains and PACs (extracted from cranberries) to support vaginal and urinary tract health. In addition, Private Party features three ultra-specific probiotic strains to manage vaginal flora and yeast for a healthy pH and microbiome. Just one supplement a day gets you VIP access to this healthy, happy Private Party.

HUM Nutrition

Smile Makers

Let’s go there—let’s talk about vibrators! Well, if we’re being more specific (and more importantly TBH), let’s talk about sexual wellbeing. Here at b-glowing, we’re advocates for all types of wellness, including your sexual wellness. Luckily, Smile Makers has destigmatized the cringey aspects of shopping for a vibrator (no icky stores or questionable websites) by making it effortless and enjoyable. The founders of Smile Makers created a collection of vibrators that adhere to the highest-quality standards while taking into consideration your diverse and unique desires. 

Trust us, they did their research. Smile Makers gathered insights from thousands of women to fine tune each innovative design. One fan-favorite? Smile Makers The Tennis Coach features an ergonomic design with four speeds and two pulsation settings. The newest member of this eye-catching collection? Smile Makers The Ballerina. Ballerina’s unique shape is designed to fit perfectly in the palm on your hand with a soft, embracing texture. Whichever you choose, Smile Makers is sure to bring only good vibes. 

Smile Makers



Want to discover more wellness and beauty products we love? Shop our entire Bath + Body category for body treatments, skincare solutions, and health supplements to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

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