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Q+A With Iles Formula Founder, Wendy Iles

We got the inside scoop from Wendy Iles herself on her vision for Iles Formula hair care, her advice to young entrepreneurs, and the one product she swears by.

Updated July 12, 2019 by Amanda Dixon

Q+A With Iles Formula Founder, Wendy Iles

Let’s face it—we put our hair through a lot. Hair dryers, heated styling tools, chemical treatments, and dyes all leave tresses feeling dull and damaged. And while salons and drug stores are stocked to the brim with conditioning hair treatments—many fall short.

That’s where celebrity hair stylist Wendy Iles comes in, Founder of Iles Formula. More than a decade in the making, Wendy created this revolutionary hair care system as a way of instantly repairing the overworked hair of her famous clientele. Now available to the masses, Iles Formula has become a go-to for those looking to restore hair to a healthy, beautiful state of being. We got the inside scoop from Wendy herself on her vision behind the brand, her advice to young entrepreneurs, and the one product she swears by.

You’re no stranger to styling—after spending years working with countless celebrities for numerous shows and red carpets, what was your inspiration for creating Iles Formula?

Creating Iles Formula happened naturally. It was born out of a need to repair the tortured hair of my celebrity clients instantly and easily. It took me traveling to three countries, working with four chemists, and several years to perfect the excellence of today's signature Iles Formula. It’s very much bespoke hair care. It wasn’t my plan to launch it to the public, but my clients began placing more orders and I needed to produce the line on a larger scale. Hence, Iles Formula was born.   

You spent many years searching for powerful ingredients and complexes that would deliver the results you wanted. Can you tell us about these ingredients and why they set Iles Formula apart?

I have a splendid cocktail of beautifully harvested ingredients! However, it’s not just about the ingredients—it’s also about how you work with them to extract the best, most powerful components. We wake them up, so to speak, so that each ingredient performs the way you want it to. Science and advanced technology are key to creating these formulas.

Iles Formula 3 Step

You created Iles Formula with a 3-step methodology in mind. Can you explain this 3-step system and its significance to the Iles Formula experience?

The Shampoo is sulfate free, paraban free, and silicone free. Iles Formula is a high-performance shampoo that can be used on all hair types and all ages. It’s excellent for babies, seniors, and everyone in between.

The Conditioner is my jewel. It’s a huge success at high-end salons. It should be used after all chemical hair treatments. It tightly bonds to the hair cuticle without coating the hair shaft with protein or keratin—so there’s no build-up or eventual breakage like other conditioners. It repairs every strand instantly. It’s the reason Iles Formula was born.

The Finishing Serum protects against heated hair tools, UV rays, color fade, and humidity. It transforms dry, damaged, straw-like strands into sumptuous, silky hair just by using it before you blow dry. 

Is there an Iles Formula product that you MUST have wherever you are?

That would have to be the Finishing Serum, I don’t touch a head of hair without it.

Okay, we’re going to ask you to spill a little tea—what’s the best hair care advice you give to your star-studded clientele?

Don’t use hairspray because it blocks the hair's memory. It’s better to use the Finishing Serum to nurture the memory of your hair’s natural movement and allow the hair to live naturally. It will last for days and always feel silky and soft.

Iles Formula Products

We love seeing female entrepreneurs rise to success. What advice would you have for other women hoping to make an impact in the beauty industry? 

Be prepared to put your entire life into it, it takes every ounce of my effort—or at least it does for me. But that’s not a negative thing. I find it very stimulating and exciting to watch a company grow from the ground up. Receiving people’s positive comments and reviews are gold—I think of them as love letters. On days I’m feeling the most exhausted, it takes five minutes to read a kind review and all that positive energy returns. I always wonder if people who take the time to write those reviews know how precious they are to me. I hope so. 

It’s no secret that your clients ADORE this collection. Looking into the future, what can we expect to see from Iles Formula in the years to come?   

Integrity is everything. My niche, high-performance brand is perfectly placed in an over saturated market of too much ordinary hair care. This is why Iles Formula stands out. The value we bring to our customers is simplicity of choice with the highest quality products. It takes me years to develop a formula and I keep working at it until it’s perfect. Iles Formula will always be about nurture, even my styling products the Curl Revive and Finishing Serum are nurturing products. It's in my DNA as a hairdresser. I adore luscious, sumptuous, healthy hair—this is what Iles Formula delivers. I base my company’s reputation on products you can trust. 

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