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Our Top 5 BECCA Cosmetics Products

BECCA Cosmetics comes from Australia—so it’s no wonder they seem to unofficially specialize in products that make your skin glow. These are our top 5!

Updated March 25, 2016 by Amanda Dixon

Our Top 5 BECCA Cosmetics Products
BECCA Cosmetics comes from Australia—so it’s no wonder they seem to unofficially specialize in products that make your skin glow like you’ve been lounging at Bondi Beach (even if you’ve been indoors for months). BECCA's cruelty-free makeup is designed to look natural, too, so it enhances your own beauty instead of appearing obvious or showy. That’s why it’s one of our go-to cosmetics brands, offering some of the best products out there. Below, we offer reviews of our Top 5 BECCA  Cosmetics faves:
BECCA COSMETICS Highlighter: Shimmering Skin Perfector
Talk about the ultimate “there’s one for everyone” highlighter: it makes skin look luminous but not shiny or greasy, with ultra-fine light-reflecting pearls instead of glittery chunks, and is available in a range of shades, including pearl, champagne, moonstone, opal, and topaz. The original liquid version is great for using solo on your shins and décolletage, or you can add a pump to your tinted moisturizer or foundation for a subtle glowiness. If powders are more your jam, especially if you have oilier skin, the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed comes in the same shades but in an easy-travel compact. Not dry and crumbly like lots of other powders, it goes on almost creamy and super-evenly. The best formulation for dry skin is the Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured version, a hydrating cream also available in those four shades, that’s easy to swipe on cheekbones with your finger. top 5 becca products, becca, b-glowing, Shimmering Skin Perfector
BECCA COSMETICS Under Eye Brightening Corrector
Dark under-eye circles are the purple curse, but no one wants to cake on never-ending layers of concealer to hide them. Instead, start with the Brightening Corrector—its pink tone and light-reflecting particles even out the purple, making a blank canvas before you apply concealer, which now can hide those circles better than ever. If your circles are really intense (or you just stayed up too late last night), you can also dab a little of the brightening corrector on after you apply concealer as well for extra luminosity. Believe us: we’ve tried every concealer out there, and this Corrector one is like a concealer power-pack, boosting its coverage. top 5 becca products, becca, b-glowing, under eye brightening corrector
BECCA COSMETICS Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector
Nothing’s worse than spending time carefully applying your makeup, only to have it slide off or look shiny after skin gets a little greasy a couple hours later. This primer works like most in that you apply it before makeup to help control oil and keep your makeup where you applied it. But this one is different in that it absorbs oil for a whopping 12 hours and you can also apply it over makeup to suck up excess oil if you need a touch-up later on. top 5 becca products, becca, b-glowing, poreless priming perfector
BECCA COSMETICS The One Perfecting Brush
Most of us have makeup bags stuffed with tools: a foundation brush, powder brush, highlighter brush, contour brush, and sponges or blenders. But the One Perfecting Brush has “one” in the name because it’s exactly that, the one tool you need so you can toss the others. Dense goat bristles don’t soak up your makeup but apply it evenly, and the comfortable-to-hold brush works perfectly for applying foundation or powder all-over, or a more targeted application like blush, bronzer, or highlighter. top 5 becca products, becca, b-glowing, The One Perfecting Brush
BECCA COSMETICS Ombre Nudes Eye Palette
If you're anything like us, you feel naked without a touch of eye makeup. Thankfully, this versatile (and gorgeous!) shadow palette is there for us whenever we need it. With five totally wearable shades, it's easy to craft an infinite variety of neutral looks, ranging from subtle to bold. What's more, the soft, buttery formulas yield high-impact color, going opaque in just one swipe. These shadows also go the distance, staying put all day without caking, creasing or flaking. You can see why we're so obsessed! top 5 becca products, becca, b-glowing, Ombre Nudes Eye Palette   BECCA COSMETICS Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation Raise your hand if you know the struggle: you don't like wearing foundation (It’s heavy! It’s drying! It’s matte!), but you weren’t born with flawless, glowing skin à la Jennifer Lopez, either. This barely-there, illuminating formula is foundation for people who hate foundation, proving natural-looking coverage with a light, luminous finish. It brightens your complexion, blurs imperfections, and looks so seamless, no one will know it's makeup. Becca aqua luminous foundation Shop all BECCA Cosmetics products here.

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