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Mind, Body, Soul: Our Favorite Mood-Boosting Beauty Products

We sought out to create a list of fool-proof beauty products that are sure to brighten your day, soothe the senses, and promote happiness. 

Updated October 05, 2021 by Amanda Dixon

Mind, Body, Soul: Our Favorite Mood-Boosting Beauty Products

Hectic schedules, long work days, and—well, life!—can leave us feeling stressed, anxious, and tired. These emotional stressors (along with environmental irritants) can take a toll on skin, sleep, and overall wellbeing. So, we sought out to create a list of fool-proof beauty products that are sure to brighten your day, soothe the senses, and promote happiness. In need of a pick-me-up? Read on for our favorite mood-boosting beauty products.

Relax, Soak, Unwind

There are few things a long hot shower can’t fix. Add a few of our favorite bath & body products—and it becomes an essential part of our selfcare routine. The Kai Perfume Body Buffer cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates skin while drenching your senses with Kai’s signature scent. Each hypo-allergenic sponge is packed with a light blend of exotic perfumes and natural essences, including palm, coconut, and olive oil to create a rich, bubbly lather. Rinse the stress of the day away and embrace the feeling of silky-smooth skin.

Kai Perfume Body Buffer

Superior Supplements

If you’re skeptical about wellness supplements—you aren’t alone. HUM Nutrition’s mission is simple: to be the best beauty supplement brand in the world. Each supplement is formulated with clinically proven ingredients that are clean, natural, and triple-tested for potency and purity.

HUM Nutrition

HUM delivers a range of beneficial wellness supplements to help you feel your very best. And, for us, that starts with quality sleep. HUM Nutrition Beauty zzZz combines melatonin and vitamin B6 to adjust your internal body clock, so you can wake up refreshed and renewed.

Another go-to? HUM Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow is a delightfully sweet, orange-flavored vegan gummy packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin E to hydrate and brighten skin. These fast-absorbing gummies help to lock in moisture for happy, healthy skin each and every day.

Breathe Deeply

A fusion of scent and science—SENSORI+ creates natural, plant-derived air detoxifying mists and candles that contain ethically sourced ingredients. Trust us, these air purifying mists and candles go above and beyond—from the carefully crafted scent that each blend provides, to their commitment to safe, sustainable ingredients.


Conventional odor solutions and air sprays act as ‘masking’ agents, filling the air with chemical compounds and synthetic fragrances. SENSORI+ uses ChlorosPURE® technology to detoxify the air around you by actually eliminating odors, instead of adding to them. With scents inspired by untouched Australian preserves, you’ll feel a greater sense of wellbeing in no time.

Happy Hair

Nothing boosts our confidence, or mood, like a good hair day. And while a professional blowout or lengthy salon visit isn’t always possible—there’s an effortless way to refresh and revitalize tresses anytime. Oribe Côte d'Azur Hair Refresher is an ultra-fine mist that eliminates static, tames flyaways and neutralizes odors breathing new life into second-day (or third-day, let’s be honest) hair. The best part? This hair-refreshing spray features Oribe’s signature fragrance for hair that looks, feels, and smells beautiful.

Thirsty for more mood-boosting beauty? Shop our entire bath + body category, and check out our collection of wellness + beauty supplements.

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