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Makeup Tips for Mature Women, Part 4: 60's+

Far from being a time of limitations, life after 60 is the perfect opportunity for experimentation. You know what works for you, and you have the courage, freedom, and confidence to play around with new looks.

Updated March 16, 2018 by Amanda Dixon

Makeup Tips for Mature Women, Part 4: 60's+

Welcome back to Makeup Tips For Mature Women: our series dedicated to addressing the needs of aging skin. Today, we’re talking tools and tips for women in their 60's (and beyond)! Because we want you to stay true to yourself, we always place our focus on technique. We’ll never tell you to abandon your favorite style or shade—you do you, all the way! We want to help you understand how your skin transforms over time, so you can better express yourself through your makeup. As always, it’s all about the tools—forget about the rules.

When we talk about aging, there is much emphasis placed on what we lose, but what about what we gain? There are many joys of getting older, greater self-confidence among them. Sure, you lose some of the physical perks of youth, but you also lose the obsession with what people think of you. By the time you’re in your 60's, you know who you are, and you have the wisdom to remain true to yourself. Far from being a time of limitations, life after 60 is the perfect opportunity for experimentation. You know what works for you, and you have the courage, freedom, and confidence to play around with new styles and looks that make you feel beautiful.

Blush up

As we age, blood circulation in our faces begins to slow, drawing the natural flush of color from our cheeks and lips. Thankfully, getting our glow back is easy—all you need is a bright pop of blush. When placed just above the apples of your cheeks, blush gives an instant lift and adds an irresistibly youthful glow. If you crave additional warmth, add a bit of bronzer to your cheekbones. Contrary to popular belief, bronzers aren’t just for twenty-somethings and Kardashians—whether you’re 19 or 99, you can reap its glow-giving benefits.

Swatch of Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, which is the perfect makeup for mature skin

Pro tip: since it looks more natural and doesn’t fold into lines or creases, cream blush and bronzer is ideal for mature skin. Powders accentuate wrinkles and can make dry skin look even more dehydrated.

Bust your beauty rut

We get it: once you find a makeup formula that works for you, it’s hard to let it go. And while there’s nothing wrong with loyalty, never venturing outside of your comfort zone can wind up dating you. Since mature skin has unique needs, your longtime favorites may start to detract from your natural beauty rather than enhance it. Those mattifying, oil-controlling products of your past? Post 60, they won’t deliver like their hydrating, illuminating counterparts. What’s more, makeup technology is continually improving—many of today’s formulations contain superior ingredients, making them easier to use and apply. By not updating your makeup bag, you may be missing out on a whole world of beauty possibilities. Your 60's is the perfect time for experimentation, remember? Thankfully, we make it easy to bust your beauty rut at b-glowing. Our Happiness Guaranteed 30 day return policy allows you to experiment with new products and formulas, totally risk-free. And if you’re in need of a consultation, our resident Beauty Concierge is always here to help!

Ready, set,spray!

Powders are quick, easy, and an obvious choice for setting your makeup, though they may not be the BEST choice in your 60s. Since powders settle into fine lines and wrinkles, they can wind up highlighting all the things you wish to hide. Setting powders tend to be mattifying too, which—for mature women—might not be the best thing. Dewy, luminous finishes are mature skin’s best friend, giving a diffused, glowing look and softening the appearance of creases. Another reason to not go matte? As we age, our cheekbones become more chiseled-looking, and a bit of radiant shine allows you to take advantage of this bonus. So, how do you set your makeup while still keeping things dewy? Simply pick up a setting spray to help lock makeup in place without mattifying.

Get Tip-sy

We’ve said it a million times, and we’ll say it: makeup for mature skin is all about tips and tools. As your skin changes, application techniques that worked for years start to fail—it’s all about adapting and finding what works for you now. From putting product a half-inch higher than you think it should go to rocking bolder brows, we have tons of makeup tips and tricks for wiser women like you. Learn new techniques, try out new looks, and discover products that are perfect for mature skin on our Age Embracing™ Beauty page.

Explore other ways to make a statement

When it comes to expressing your sense of style, age sets no boundaries. Outside of makeup, there are plenty of ways to make a bold statement. Try out a new fragrance, for example—spritzing on a flirty floral or warm, woodsy scent is definitely statement-making, in the best way possible.

Now that you’ve mastered your makeup routine, stay tuned for our next series: Skin Care tips for Mature Skin.

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