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Makeup Tips for Mature Women, Part 3: 50s

In your 50s, you’re young enough to reinvent yourself and rock ultra-glam looks, but old enough to feel genuinely comfortable in your skin. Isn’t confidence the sexiest asset of them all, anyway?

Updated February 27, 2018 by Amanda Dixon

Makeup Tips for Mature Women, Part 3: 50s

You’ve changed. You’ve grown. You’ve matured. Isn’t it time you replaced the makeup techniques you learned in middle school? Enter Makeup Tips For Mature Women: our series dedicated to addressing the needs of aging skin. This week, we’re discussing tools and tips for women in their fab 50s. But as always, this is about technique—not what colors to wear or trends to avoid. We’re here to help you understand how your skin transforms over time, so you can better express your sense of style. Our motto? Tools, not rules!

What makes your 50s so fabulous? Some women say it’s the wisdom they’ve gained, others the attitude of self-acceptance. In your 50s, you’re young enough to reinvent yourself and rock ultra-glam looks, but old enough to feel genuinely comfortable in your skin. Isn’t confidence the sexiest asset of them all, anyway?

Plump your pout

When we’re young, we take a lot of things for granted—our lips’ plentiful supply of collagen and naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid, for instance. As we age, our production of collagen wanes, and our lips begin to lose their volume. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to fake fullness and create the illusion of a plumper pout. Try dabbing a smidge of highlighter on your cupid’s bow—it takes about ten seconds, and it instantly makes your lips look larger, thanks to the trick of light reflection.

Looking for makeup tips for mature women? Try using a nude lipstick to plump your lips

Another way to fake fullness? By rocking a nude or pale pink lip color. Since light and bright colors have an enhancing effect, this trick makes your lips appear naturally full. Top it off with a gloss or balm to leave lips looking soft, shiny and plump. Kjaer Weis glosses are amazing for mature lips, because they enhance volume and shine without wandering into glittery territory.

Glow for it

In your 50s, your skin undergoes a myriad of hormonal changes associated with the menopause. One such change? The slowing of our cellular renewal, which results in a loss of radiance. Thankfully, makeup makes it possible to keep your glow and never let it go. Look for a cream or liquid foundation with light reflecting particles to it—this adds back the luster mature skin lacks. You can also mix a highlighter (we like Becca’s IGNITE Liquified Light Highlighter) with your foundation to give skin a super-dewy, radiant look.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of highlighter: adding extra shine to a few specific spots not only brightens your appearance, but adds definition and structure as well. Dab a highlighter to the high points of your face:cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose. Dot anywhere you want to illuminate, then blend out to define your features.

Stay true to you

At b-glowing, we don’t believe in retiring trends—we believe in making them work for you. (And yes, this goes for shimmery shadows on mature skin, too!) A widely circulated “tip” for mature eyes is to stick to mattes, but we staunchly disagree. A soft, reflective shimmer exudes youthfulness, and can be flattering at any age. The key is finding formulas made for YOU, like the b-glowing BEAUTY Illuminate + Shine Palette. Designed with mature skin in mind, our palette helps you create bold looks and rock vibrant color without amplifying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The b-glowing Illuminate + Shine Palette is the perfect makeup for mature skin

Now that we’ve silenced the shimmer-haters, there’s another “mature makeup” myth we’d like to dispel: that you should ditch your eyeliner. Personally, we think liner gives beautiful definition to mature eyes. Our only advice is to avoid liquid formulas, as they can create a thick, harsh line. Instead, opt for a soft pencil or gel. and tightline close to the lashline. Since thick liner makes lids look heavy, keep your line super-fine, and get as close to your lashes as possible. This technique creates the illusion of a thicker, darker lash line and a lovely, lifted, eye.

Looking for makeup tips for women in their 60s, and beyond? Stay tuned for our next installment!

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