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Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Discover our fool-proof makeup tips for hooded eyes that actually work. No rubbing, smudging, or unintentional smokey eyes here. Just chic looking makeup.

Updated June 13, 2019 by Amanda Dixon

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes—if you’re not one of the many people who have them (we see you, J Law), then you might not know what they are. Hooded eyes, or hooded eyelids, feature a folding of the skin on the brow bone over the eyelid obscuring the crease and making the eyelid smaller. For makeup junkies, not having this prime real estate to work with can be frustrating—not to mention the seemingly endless smudging.

Stop stressing! We’re giving you our fool-proof makeup tips for hooded eyes that actually work.

Liquid Liner

Hooded eyelids can result in unwanted rubbing resulting in a very unintentional smokey eye. Instead of cream and pencil liners, try using a liquid liner that won’t budge when lids rub together. We love IT Cosmetics Superhero™ Liner—the waterproof, liquid-gel formula glides on delivering a richly pigmented line that lasts up to 24 hours  (you read that right, 24 hours). And because this unique liner features a felt tip, it’s easy to create a subtle cat eye which creates a lifted look.

pro tip on eyeliner for hooded eyes

Pro tip: Create the perfect cat eye by drawing the liner away from the lash line while your eye is open. The liner will create a straight line that skips over the crease. Fill in the cat eye leaving the crease bare. Et voila!

Prep With Primer

The key to an eye look that lasts hour after hour is a great primer. Instantly fill-in fine lines and smooth your lids with Wander Beauty Smooth Sailing 360º Eye Primer. Apply primer all over eyelids, brow bone, and under eye area to prevent eyeshadow from smudging and creasing. Coconut oil, calendula, and daffodil flower extracts hydrate eyelids without ever feeling greasy—so you can rock your favorite shadows with confidence.

Eye Primer

Curled Lashes

One of the easiest ways to make hooded eyes look dramatically bigger? Long, lifted lashes! We never underestimate the power of a great eyelash curler. For major curl with minimal effort reach for Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler. The hand calibrated ergonomic tool is uniquely designed to create an optimal effect without having to clamp too hard or strain. Stand-out lashes combat the drowsy effect that hooded eyes can create. So go ahead, take your lashes UP a notch!

Surratt Lash Curler

Matte vs Shimmer

While we love to sparkle, those of us with hooded eyes need to be a little more strategic with shimmering shadows. Too much shimmer on the brow bone can accentuate the crease and make eyes look droopier. Instead, apply sparkling shades to the lids, crease, and slightly above the crease—this will make the shadow visible and create the illusion of a larger lid. Finish the look with a matte shade on the brow bone.

False Lashes

For special occasions or days when you’re feeling a little extra, create a high-impact look with the right pair of false lashes. For volume and length that’s a little-more-than natural try BeautyGARDE Dollies - False Lashes. These couture handmade lashes are mixed-length for a dense, full-volume look. Hooded eyes appear brighter and bigger and the stunning length of the lashes makes eyelids appear larger. Even better? The amazing quality allows you to wear these fun, flirty lashes over and over again.

False Lashes

Craving even more eye-enhancing beauty? We thought you might—head over to our Eye Makeup Category for more.

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