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I Tried It: Switching to Natural Deodorant

I decided it was time to suck it up, face my fears, and give the latest crop of natural deodorants on the beauty scene a go. And yes, the weather is warming up. 

Updated April 16, 2020 by Amanda Dixon

I Tried It: Switching to Natural Deodorant

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my current beauty routine is the eco-friendliest it’s ever been. About a year ago, I decided it was time to start paying attention to what I put on my body. I switched to a plant-centric regimen, and—despite NUMEROUS fears and reservations—saw improvements in both my skin and hair. Fast-forward to today, and I’ve incorporated natural products into almost every facet of my routine. Every area except onedeodorant. Don’t get me wrong, I wantto love natural deodorant. I know that traditional antiperspirants contain some pretty controversial ingredients—aluminum, parabens, and triclosan, to name a few—but I’ve never found a natural alternative that got the job done. Every formula I’ve ever tried—be it salt crystals, baking soda, or literal ROCK-looking things you rub on your underarms—has left me smelly, sweaty, and disappointed. I always went crawling back to my extra-strength drugstore antiperspirant. But as more and more natural deodorants popped up on my radar, I began to wonder if I’d misjudged them. The latest aluminum-free alternatives certainly looked chicer—a far cry from their weird crystal/rock counterparts. Had they stepped up their formulations, too? I decided it was time to suck it up, face my fears, and give the latest crop a go. (And yes, I am just crazy enough to start testing new deodorants as the weather warms up.) Read on to see how it went:


The rundown: A silky cream deodorant that goes on smooth and absorbs quickly for soft, fresh smelling skin.

The results: This one definitely stands out as the most unique! Powerful antibacterial ingredients such as baking soda, kaolin clay, and magnesium kept my skin comfortable and dry. The invigorating essential oils impart a light scent that doesn’t smell overpowering. Just scoop up a jelly bean sized amount and rub it on in.

Notes: This deodorant feels irresistible on skin! It does require you to rub it in with your hand, but I didn’t mind this extra step one bit.


JACK BLACK Cool CTRL Natural Deodorant

The rundown: This men’s deodorant is highly effective, blocks odor for 24 hours, and features Jack Black’s signature, citrusy scent. And while some natural deodorants are difficult to spread, the petroleum-free formula has a conventional deodorant delivery with a comfortable glide.

The results: Gents (and ladies!), if you want to give your underarms the best protection possible, I highly recommend Jack Black’s Cool CTRL Natural Deodorant. The all-natural formula uses potent, time-released odor blockers that—along anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action—stop even the strongest, manliest of smells in their tracks. While it didn’t have much moisture control, it kept me cool and smelling fresh all day, which most natural deodorants can’t manage. (I’m a surprisingly sweaty lady.) Out of all the formulas I tried, Jack Black’s had the best application, too. It spread easily and dried without tackiness, stickiness, or irritation. And even though I’m not a man, I really dug the signature scent—it was subtly pleasing without being overwhelming, and totally unisex if you ask me.

Notes: Even though it’s tough on smells, this potent formula is suitable for super-sensitive skin.

Origins No Offense™ Alcohol and Aluminum Free Deodorant

The rundown: An alcohol-free, aluminum-free stick deodorant with a fresh, citrusy scent.

The results: Even natural deodorants can contain ingredients that cause skin irritation and dryness. This natural deodorant from Origins kicks alcohol and aluminum to the curb for a refreshing citrus-scented deodorant that keeps underarms dry for hours. I loved the invigorating smell but where this deodorant succeeds is its ability to keep armpits dry. Alcohol, aluminum, AND sweat-free!

Notes: If dryer underarms is what you’re after—this is the one for you!

Kai + Kai Rose Deodorant

The rundown:A gentle, aluminum-free deodorant with a water-like, silky texture and signature Kai scent.

The results: I was extra excited about this deodorant because I love Kai’s beloved signature scent. The exoctic white flower scent is divine! The texture is water-light and glides on effortlessly with no powdery residue or streaks. This deodorant works to keep skin dry, smells amazing, and actually lasts. I gave the original Kai Deodorant a try, but you can also choose to try the Kai Rose deodorant which features the same silky, aluminum-free formula with a fresh rose scent.

Notes: This amazing smelling deodorant is ideal for sensitive skin.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm thrilled with my new deodorant discoveries, and I don’t see myself switching back anytime soon. When trying out natural formulas, I do think it’s important to have realistic expectations, however. They're not going to keep you 100% bone-dry through marathons, and they won't last for 48 hours like drugstore antiperspirants claim to. But, when you really think about it… who needs 48 hours of protection, anyway!?

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