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I Tried It: ARCONA's Natural Skincare Routine

ARCONA was one of the first brand trainings I attended and I remember falling instantly in love with both their ‘all-natural, less is more’ ingredient philosophy and products.

Updated July 13, 2016 by Amanda Dixon

I Tried It: ARCONA's Natural Skincare Routine

I remember the first time I tried ARCONA. The year was 2013. I was a newbie, still learning the ropes and getting my feet wet at a new company, and a new industry for that matter.

ARCONA was one of the first brand trainings I attended and I remember falling instantly in love with both their ‘all-natural, less is more’ ingredient philosophy and products. That was over three years ago and I am still a huge fan—I jumped at the chance to dedicate my mornings and nights to their skincare regimen for our skincare series. All ARCONA everything? OK – let’s do this!


Step 1 – Cleanse with Toner Tea Bar

My evening routine starts by cleansing with the Toner Tea Bar. One of four available “bar” cleansers, the Toner Tea Bar is best for Normal/Oily skin (I am combination) and comes in a travel-ready case. It lathers surprisingly well, considering it is not a soap. It takes off all my makeup and has a pleasant, not overwhelming, earthy scent.

Arcona, Skincare routine, b-glowing, natural, Toner tea bar

Step 2 – Tone with Triad Pads

If I am feeling particularly oily, or if my makeup was especially heavy that day, I will follow-up with the Triad Pads. These are toner-soaked exfoliating pads formulated to hydrate, refresh, and brighten all at the same time. Tip: Also great for your gym bag!

Arcona, Skincare routine, b-glowing, natural, triad pads

Step 3 – Treat with Raspberry Resurfacing Peel or Wine Hydrating Mask

Treatments are tough for me—I always find an excuse to put-off a mask or a peel. But in the interest of research I persevered! Every other night I did a treatment, alternating between these two products. Both the Raspberry Resurfacing Peel and the Wine Hydrating Mask are gentle compared to some of the more extreme/harsh products I have subjected my face to in the past. Both brighten, perfect, transform, and improve your skin’s overall appearance.

Step 4 – Repair with Gentle Solution

NEXT! What DOESN’T the Gentle Solution do?! This PM serum is gentle for sensitive skin, but uses powerful antioxidants to repair sun damage, resurface skin, increase cell turnover, decongest and refine pores, AND exfoliate. Geez. Talk about an all-in-one solution! I used this the recommended 4x a week … OK 5x to be honest, it’s too good!


Step 1 – Cleanse with Cranberry Gommage or Toner Tea Bar

Good morning! I wake up with either the Cranberry Gommage or the Toner Tea Bar. The Gommage can be too abrasive if not careful. I learned to dilute the scrub with water to find a consistency I was comfortable with. I use this on my face, neck and, when in the shower, down onto my décolleté, chest, shoulders, and sometimes back. The cranberry and raspberry enzymes exfoliate and purify, which is great for breakouts on both face and body—perfect for summer weather!

Arcona, Skincare routine, b-glowing, natural, cranberry gommage

Step 2 – Protect with Youth Serum

I’m investing in my future! The next AM step is this Vitamin C-filled serum, which squirts out like water, so be careful. One pump covers my face and neck and gives me peace of mind that I won’t wake up looking like a prune tomorrow. Formulated to brighten skin tone and prevent sun damage, this serum also works to strengthen skin and defend against free radicals.

Arcona, Skincare routine, b-glowing, natural, youth serum

Step 3 – Hydrate with Magic White Ice

OK this is probably my favorite product. It hydrates, protects, doesn’t clog pores – and it smells lovely. One pump is all you need, so it will last you forever. I can’t get enough of this stuff – perfect for summer too because it creates a cooling sensation upon application. This wins my “can’t live without” award.

Step 4 – Treat with Eye Dew

My New Year’s skincare resolution for 2016 was to start using an eye cream! This product was already a favorite of mine from way back in the day (remember that training I mentioned?). A little goes a long way, so make sure to start with the tiniest of amounts and add more if needed. I love the texture and scent of this product. It’s a great primer for my under eye concealer too!

Arcona, Skincare routine, b-glowing, natural, eye dew

Step 5- Protect with Desert Mist

This is one of those products I honestly don’t think I have seen anywhere else. This serum is part primer and part protective barrier, and acts as a ‘top coat’ for all the layers of skincare you have already invested time into applying before it. It’s hydrating without clogging – pulling moisture from the air throughout the day to keep your skin from drying-out. One pump covers my entire face and neck. Tip: Let this layer dry completely (3 min) before applying anything on top.

Arcona, Skincare routine, b-glowing, natural, desert mist

And that’s all folks! What are my main takeaways after spending so much of my day with ARCONA?

I love that it’s easy to use! ARCONA takes the guesswork out of skincare with their one pump application and AM/PM labels on all products. - Easy on the senses. All products not only look beautiful in my medicine cabinet, but smell divine and feel AMAZING. You know you are getting the good stuff with ARCONA. Give it some time. This is not a ‘see results within 24 hours’ brand. While I did notice positive changes in my skin within the first couple weeks, the brand notes on most products that the best results come with continual use. Patience, people. Now you might be thinking—9 steps—that’s a lot to remember, let alone do on a daily basis. Start with the basics! The Basic Five Regimen of exfoliate, hydrate, protect, cleanse, and regenerate is available for all skin types and a great introduction to the ARCONA routine. Enjoy!

written by holly

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