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Behind the Brand: b-glowing Q+A with HoliFrog Founders, Emily Parr and Majeed Hemmat

We're getting the scoop on these game-changing formulas, the truth about clean beauty, and what’s next for HoliFrog.

Updated November 06, 2020 by Amanda Dixon

Behind the Brand: b-glowing Q+A with HoliFrog Founders, Emily Parr and Majeed Hemmat

Cleansing your face isn’t a habit, it’s a ritual! Holifrog face washes are packed with nutrient rich ingredients to cleanse, purify, and rebalance skin. What sets these cleansers apart? We sat down with Founders, Emily Parr and Majeed Hemmat to get the scoop on these game-changing formulas, the truth about clean beauty, and what’s next for HoliFrog.

Neither of you were new to the beauty industry when you decided to create HoliFrog. How did the idea for this brand come together?

We actually met at one of our shared clients’ press events. The instant we met, it was magnetic. From there, we became instant friends. Majeed was one of the few people that I could call on weekends to just blab on and on about the beauty industry at large. Two years later, he said: “We should launch a beauty brand together. We’re like the Wonder Twins.” 

From there, we noticed how there was so much innovation coming out of the serum, cream and mask categories, but found that cleansers were supremely overlooked. After a deep dive, we found that the majority of cleansers are water and surfactants with a few key ingredients sprinkled in for good measure (most cleansers on the market have 30-40% surfactant (cleansing agents) in them; whereas we have 3-7%).

This led us to imagine a world where cleansers could deliver a fresh canvas and also provide the skin with nutrient dense formulas, because cleanser counts… big time.


As you are well aware, the clean beauty industry is booming. With so many ‘natural’ options out there, what sets HoliFrog apart?

Quality. We are adamant about this notion that every ingredient works synergistically with the rest, which is where our holistic ethos comes from. Holism is a deep and powerful word. Very simply put: every ingredient is linked to and affected by the other. Our formulas’ primary function is to help skin’s healing and repair response because anything less is self sabotage. 

We couldn't sit on the sidelines for much longer, as brands would market a product with a particular “active” ingredient that would idle in the lower third of the very long ingredient deck. Galilee, for example, is less than 7% water. Most serums and lotions list water as the first ingredient. Nothing we do will ever be watered-down… pun intended. 

Washing your face is a crucial, but often overlooked step in one’s skincare routine. Why is a targeted approach to cleansing important?

Traditionally, consumers would pick a face wash by their skin type and they’d use that one cleanser for all their face washing needs. Situational Cleansing is a much more evolved philosophy, based around indulging skin in it’s cravings. We all have cravings and so does our skin. 

Think about it: skin is a living organ. It gets cranky, it gets thirsty, it has different needs at different times. You must listen to your skin because one and done simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to face wash.  Everyone can benefit from situational cleansing. What your skin needs when you wake up is different from what it needs after a workout or before you go to bed at night. Here are a few basics:

  1. HoliFrog Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash will start you off right for the day. As long as you don't sleep in your makeup, you don’t need anything heavy duty in the morning. We can all benefit from gently flushing the skin with hydration and amino acids. 
  2. After a satisfying workout, let HoliFrog Shasta AHA Refining Acid Wash act as a sweat suction and clear your canvas. 
  3. At the end of the day when you’re wearing a full face of makeup, HoliFrog Kissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balmy Wash will emulsify and remove makeup, oil and grime. Follow up with HoliFrog Superior Omega Nutritive Gel Wash for a thorough clean that won’t strip moisture barrier. 
HoliFrog Face Washes

Each unique HoliWash is meticulously formulated with ingredients derived from nature and science. What criteria do you use when creating these?

We refer to the way we formulate as: Holistic-Functional. Holistic means that everything functions synergistically; each individual part is composed of a working whole. Everything is intimately interconnected. 

When it came time for us to formulate HoliFrog, we told our chemist on the first call: “Every ingredient has to be a KEY ingredient.” Everything in our formulas has a positive function because one less than superior ingredient can have a negative effect on someone’s skin and ultimately wipe out the entire formula’s benefits. 

We focused heavily on “acing the base”. There are a lot that falls in between a brand’s Key Ingredients and their “No List”. It’s that gray area that can actually throw the entire formula off for someone’s skin. The good, the bad and the in between all work together synergistically. 

Do you have a go-to or favorite HoliFrog product personally?

No, because they are all passion projects in their own way! Neither of us can part with any of our cleansers. It's easy to wash your face 3-4 times per day with HoliFrog; the reason is because the surfactant percentages are so low on our formulas. Skin only feels more nourished, never over-washed.

Lastly, can your give us a hint of what’s next for Holifrog?

We didn’t have a roadmap for when we would exit the cleanser category. We honestly thought we’d stay in this space for a good two years. But after a few months from launch, it became quite clear that our customers wanted a skincare system to use post-wash. 

Selfishly, we did too! Our first non-cleanser, Galilee Antioxidant Dewy Drop, is a hydration hybrid that drenches and repairs the skin. Galilee is a restoring serum that moonlights as lotion emulsion. It combines skin health bolstering antioxidants, hydrating heavyweights and nourishing plant-based oils. Think of it as serum meets lotion meets oil that can be a hydration step within your routine or the last step post-cleanse. 

From there, we will continue evolving into a full-range skincare line that incorporates a solution for every Skin-Situation.

You can shop our entire collection of holistic skincare from HoliFrog here!

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