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Beauty Products To Keep You Cool As Summer Heats Up

We’ve compiled a fool-proof list of makeup and skincare solutions to keep you cool when temperatures start to soar. 

Updated June 16, 2021 by Amanda Dixon

Beauty Products To Keep You Cool As Summer Heats Up

Summer is in full swing and, while we’re totally here for the pool-side socials, refreshing cocktails, and BBQs—we could do without the excessive heat. Melting makeup and sweat-inducing skincare can leave you feeling uncomfortable, sticky, and running for the AC. Luckily, we’ve compiled a fool-proof list of makeup and skincare solutions to keep you cool when temperatures start to soar. Read on for beauty products to help you beat the heat.

Refreshed Eyes

We don’t always get enough beauty sleep, which means tired, puffy eyes. To calm redness and fight irritation we love Origins No Puffery™ Cooling Roll-On for puffy eyes. The ultra-refreshing roll-on gel instantly cools on contact to soothe and brighten skin. Calming cucumber soothes irritation and works to de-puff, so eyes look brighter and more awake. For an extra cooling effect, keep it in the refrigerator and enjoy anytime you need to chill out.

Wander Beauty Eye Masks

To really fake a full eight hours, reach for Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks. Aloe leaf extract and lavender oil offer a cooling effect to soothe and calm the under-eye area. Each nourishing mask delivers a healthy dose of refreshing hydration to reduce the look of fine lines, eliminate puffiness, and brighten skin all while keeping you cool.

Cooling Body Wash

When the summer heat has you feeling uncomfortably sticky, reach for bath and body products that leave you feeling soothed and refreshed. MALIN+GOETZ Eucalyptus Hand + Body wash is formulated with cooling ingredients that calm and soothe overheated skin. Amino acids thoroughly remove impurities from the skin without drying, so skin feels nourished, clean, and totally refreshed.

Facial Roller

Get Rolling

Elevate your beauty routine with the healing (and cooling) power of stones, crystals, and steel! These ultra-soothing, skin smoothing facial rollers increase microcirculation, reduce puffiness, and leave skin looking firmer. For added freshness from the summer heat, store your favorite roller in the fridge for a cool, puffiness-eliminating boost. These soothing rollers work to lift skin—minimizing the appearance of fine lines and relieving tension in a natural way. Use larger rollers to cover larger areas like the cheeks, forehead, and along the jawline. The smaller rollers work perfect for around the eyes and targeting skin around the mouth.

Soothing Silk

Summer heat can make getting beauty sleep a challenge. To keep things cool while you catch some zzz’s try Slip’s Silk Pillowcase. The super-soft material feels amazing and keeps skin cool and clean. Breathable silk naturally regulates temperature keeping you cool while protecting hair and skin from damage. Traditional cotton pillowcases can trap in heat and draw moisture from the face and hair. Slip silk protects hair from breakage and won’t dry out skin, so you can sleep soundly after a long summer day.

Pro Tip: Leave any or ALL of these cool-inducing products in your fridge for an invigorating chill.

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