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Beauty + Mental Health: Products To Promote Peace Of Mind

Whether you have an entire day to devote to self-care, thirty minutes, or no time at all—we’re sharing our list of beauty products that are sure to maximize your ‘you’ time.

Updated May 04, 2020 by Amanda Dixon

Beauty + Mental Health: Products To Promote Peace Of Mind

Self-care. Often easier said than done. The reason? True self-care means tending to one’s whole wellbeing both mentally and physically. After all, anyone can do a facemask in ten minutes—but achieving peace of mind is truly what helps us to relax, re-center, and recharge. Whether you have an entire day to devote to self-care, thirty minutes, or no time at all—we’re sharing our list of beauty products that are sure to maximize your ‘you’ time.

Natural Medicine for Modern Day

For centuries, the tradition of Ayurvedic (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge) has been practiced in a variety of cultures to heal the mind and body using a holistic approach. Ayurveda is science that combines powerful botanical remedies and relaxation techniques to treat stress. This is the foundation of Uma’s coveted essential oil blends. Uma Pure Calm Wellness Body Oil combines sandalwood, clary sage, and jasmine essential oils (to name a few) to create a skin-loving, aromatherapy experience. Use morning and night to immerse the senses in pure essential oil goodness.

Uma Oils

Sleeping Beauty

It’s no secret that catching the right amount of z’s is essential for looking and feeling your best. So how do you maximize those nightly eight (realistically, five or six) hours? Slip Silk Sleep Mask is made of ultra-soft 100% silk to nourish and protect hair and skin while you sleep—no more crease lines in the morning. Unlike Slip’s patented Slipsilk™, standard cotton pillowcases draw moisture away from your skin, neutralizing moisture and skincare products. It’s also tough on tresses—contributing to tangles and breakage. Considering we spend one-third of each day asleep, why not use that precious time to help you look even more radiant?

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Tranquility To-Go

We get it—not everyone has the luxury of practicing consistent wellness and self-care at home. Busy schedules, frequent plans, and packed social calendars can leave little time for a moment of ’zen.’ Luckily, Origins Peace of Mind® On-the-Spot Relief provides the perfect escape anytime, anywhere. This lightweight, peppermint-infused lotion delivers an instantly calming, cooling effect when applied to temples, earlobes, neck, or wrists. The invigorating peppermint scent resets the senses and focuses the mind. And the discretely small bottle makes it perfect for calming relief on-the-go.

Origins Peace of Mind

Grounding Crystals

If you’ve logged into Instagram in the last two years, you know that crystals are having a serious moment. From amethyst to aquamarine and everything in between—we can’t seem to get enough of these eye-catching gemstones. Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Face Mask smooths skin while adding a mindful sense of relaxation that cream and sheet masks don’t. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love and is said to promote self-love and deep inner healing. Its gentle pink essence and color give off a soft, compassionate energy—perfect for promoting relaxation.

Tune into Your Sexual Wellbeing

True self-care includes tending to your entire wellbeing—this includes your sexual wellbeing. Smile Makers is a different brand of vibrators designed by women for women. Unlike other… ::ahem:: cringe-worthy alternatives, Smile Makers products are sold exclusively at health and beauty retailers, like b-glowing! Along with taking the ‘Eek!’ out of your shopping experience, Smile Makers also adheres to the strictest quality of standards to craft this safe, subtle collection. Better yet, they gathered insights from thousands of real women to fine tune each vibrator to the specific needs and desires of women. Keep calm and smile on!

Smile Makers

Looking for more ways to refresh, relax, and recharge? Shop our entire skincare category for soothing masks, calming creams, wellness oils, + more.

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