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b-glowing Q+A with Bouclème Founder, Michele Scott-Lynch

Bouclème hair care is changing the way curly hair types care for their coils. We spoke to Founder, Michele Scott-Lynch to talk about her curly hair journey, sustainable beauty + more.

Updated September 15, 2021 by Amanda Dixon

b-glowing Q+A with Bouclème Founder, Michele Scott-Lynch

Bouclème hair care is redefining the way curly hair types care for their coils. This thoughtfully crafted collection is formulated with natural actives to leave curls looking and feeling healthier than ever before. We spoke to Founder, Michele Scott-Lynch to discuss her curly-hair journey, sustainability, and the one Bouclème product she says is a ‘must-have’.

Tell us a little about your curl journey—have you always loved your curly hair?

I hated my hair for a large part of my life. There were very few curly role models in the media when I was growing up and I could never find products that created definition or hold my curls so I opted for relaxing them instead. This all changed when I hit 30 after reading Malcom X’s autobiography and relating to his story of relaxing his hair and how it was done to conform with a western perception of beauty of smooth, straight locks. I realised I was doing exactly the same and vowed from then to stop straightening my hair and embrace my curls. I have worn my natural curls ever since, it was a liberating experience.

Boucleme Hair Care for curly hair

Where did the idea for Bouclème come from?

From personal need. After embarking on my journey to curls I found it really hard to find effective and natural products. I was a natural health practitioner so I’ve always had a holistic approach to skincare and bodycare and wanted the same for my hair. Most hair products were laden with silicones, plastic film formers that create a barrier on hair if not removed effectively that long term prevent moisture entering the hair shaft and can lead to dry, dehydrated curls. I wanted to create products that had nutrients that benefited curls and would improve hair health long term.

Bouclème products are specifically formulated for curly hair. How is caring for curly hair different and what makes these formulas so effective?

Curly hair is drier and more fragile than other hair types. It needs hydration and moisture to create definition and eliminate frizz. If your hair is frizzy it’s telling you that it needs more moisture. However it’s important that hair remains weightless for optimum bounce and curl pattern. Our products are packed with powerful plant actives and range from 96-100% naturally derived. They are ultra-moisturising but lightweight and work for all curl types from waves through to coils. They create softness, shine, and enhance curl definition without build up.

Boucleme Hair Care for curly hair

As a brand, Bouclème believes in the power of nature, as well as protecting the environment. What steps are you taking towards sustainability?

Creating products that have a low impact on the planet is at the heart of our brand. Our bottles and tubes are made from biopolymer sugarcane, an upcycled plastic made from renewable sources that helps reduce CO2 emissions. A more planet friendly option compared to traditional fossil fuelled plastic. Our Colour Toning Drops packaging is made out of 90% recycled plastic that would otherwise end up in landfill. Right now we’re in the process of changing all our jars to contain a min 30% recycled plastic.

Even more exciting is by the end of 2021 we will have reduced the carbon emissions from the manufacturing of our products to zero, making our production process carbon neutral. By the end of 2022, all our water waste will be filtered, going back into the system clean. Water shortage is a real issue, so having a large percentage of rainwater harvested in our manufacturing process reduces our consumption levels in a truly sustainable way. Our ingredients are also reef safe and biodegradable. Small steps but every step helps.

Boucleme Hair Care for curly hair

Lastly, what product do you recommend for someone new to Bouclème? Is there a ‘must-try’?

This has to be our best selling Curl Defining Gel. It harnesses the conditioning benefits of aloe and linseed to create a serum-like consistency that is perfect for smoothing and setting curl definition without any flaking or stickiness. It has a medium hold and is so lightweight, it can be reapplied in between washes to smooth out any fluffy undefined curls.

Discover more shampoos, conditioners, and styling products specially formulated for curls when you shop our entire Bouclème Collection.

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