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b-glowing Q+A with BeautyStat Cosmetics Founder, Ron Robinson

We spoke to chemist and beauty industry veteran Ron Robinson, Founder of BeautyStat Cosmetics, about the science behind his vitamin C skincare solutions, the power of social media and what’s next for this groundbreaking beauty brand.

Updated October 07, 2021 by Amanda Dixon

BeautyStat Cosmetics Founder, Ron Robinson

BeautyStat Cosmetics Founder, Ron Robinson has made it his mission to scour the planet for fresh and innovative beauty ingredients. In fact, he’s continually developing highly effective formulas and ground-breaking treatments to give you your best skin yet. We spoke to the chemist and beauty industry veteran to talk skincare, social media and more.

You’re a veteran in the beauty world. What drew you to the industry?

I totally fell into this industry. Thirty-one years ago, I started as a cosmetic chemist for the Clinique division of the Estée Lauder Companies. But prior to that, I went to medical school. My parents moved to New York City from the Caribbean, and they wanted their sons—I’m one of three brothers—to be either doctors or lawyers. So, I went to med school but hated it and dropped out.

I moved back in with my parents, and sent out resumes. I had a chemistry degree, and Estée Lauder (the Clinique division) called me in for an interview, and I was hired on the spot. They loved my interest in beauty and my background in science, and I had no idea that this whole world of science and chemistry, along with creating and formulating products, even existed. That was how I fell into the industry. And it’s been a crazy ride since.

Beautystat products

BeautyStat isn’t a new name! What was your goal with BeautyStat’s social media presence?

Before I launched my own beauty brand, BeautyStat launched as a social media agency 11 years ago. After spending over 20 years working for brands like Clinique, Estée Lauder, Revlon, Avon, and L’Oréal, I saw a new trend emerging—social media. In the mid-2000s, I saw the fast rise in social media (Facebook and Twitter emerged), and I felt there needed to be an online community where consumers can connect with beauty experts in order to learn more about what beauty products worked and didn’t. So I created BeautyStat.

The mission was to publish expert beauty content and product reviews so that consumers could learn more from insiders. This would help them make better-educated beauty purchase decisions and would give them the opportunity to share their beauty experiences with other beauty fans. We grew an engaged following on social media in order to allow more users to share and connect with each other.

BeautyStat Cosmetics launched with a single flagship product—the BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner. As a chemist, what makes Vitamin C a game-changer?

After I launched BeautyStat, I was tapped as the go-to cosmetic chemist for all the beauty editors and news outlets. I was quoted and interviewed about products, ingredients, and trends in beauty. One of the questions I was always asked was about vitamin C. Why is it unstable? Why does it oxidize? Why does it turn brown? What’s the difference between pure vitamin C and derivatives of vitamin C? And that got me thinking, “What if I found a way to stabilize pure vitamin C?"

I got together with one of my chemist colleagues from Estée Lauder, and we started tinkering around with ways to stabilize vitamin C. After several years of formulating and testing, we came up with a great product that was rock stable and contained 20% pure L-ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C in its purest form. We got three patents on the ability to stabilize it.

It was about five years in the making. The last step was to put this product to an independent clinical test to say, “Okay, it’s stable, but does it deliver results? Does it perform?” So we sent it out for independent testing.

Beautystat Founder Ron Robinson and the Skin Refiner

Several weeks later we got the results back, and I was blown away. The results showed significant improvement in almost every skin parameter from fine lines, wrinkles, evening out skin tone and hyperpigmentation, firming and tightening the skin, even diminishing the look of pores. Those results prompted me to launch BeautyStat Cosmetics as a brand two years ago.

Since launching BeautyStat Cosmetics in 2019, your line has expanded. What was the thought behind these skincare solutions?

We have a lofty goal of continuing the task of solving big needs—big consumer skincare needs. So we knew stabilizing pure vitamin C and offering consumers a great vitamin C treatment was a big need. Now, we’re continuing that mission in other areas of skincare.

We’ve launched a couple of moisturizing barrier repair products, Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream and Universal Moisture Essence. We also used the vitamin C technology to formulate our Universal C Eye Perfector, plus other proprietary ingredients as well, like hemp oil, caffeine and magnolia.

Beautystat products

What’s next for Ron Robinson and BeautyStat Cosmetics? Can you give us the scoop on anything new you have in the works?

We’re excited about some of the new innovations we have coming later this year that tackle other big needs in the marketplace. We have a breakthrough coming in the cleansing category launching later this month—so stay tuned for that!

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